I’m living in the 70’s :)

From my Weight Watchers BLOG:

I’m living in the 70’s 🙂

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

So, over the last 3 weeks I have maintained my weight under 80kgs 🙂 I’m now 78 kgs and feeling it 😀 My clothes aren’t as snug!! I need a belt for my jeans! I feel fitter (apart from the occasional insomnia) and I am keeping within my pro-points allowance. Even after being sick for 2 weeks, I know I lost my appetite a little, so when I got better I definitely got the appetite back! I was worried I was going to tip the scales back up to 80kgs again and WOW! I didn’t!!

This is the first time my weight has been under 80kgs for about 5 years, so I’m feeling very confident that I can do this. A little bit of personal motivation goes a long way 😀 Seeing the result on my fancy new “Weigh Watchers Scales”, has motivated me even more! Going to walk the dog the long way rouund this afternoon and reward myself this week by trying on some new clothes. Might even have a chance at fitting a Size 14 again 🙂 (In the bum, always size 14 in the top).

So excited also, that even indulging on my nana’s ever-so-popular passionfruit slice, didn’t tip the scales. I. LOVE. PASSIONFRUIT SLICE. I only get the opportunity to have it once in a blue moon and I couldn’t say no to my lovely nana, who so kindly made it for a friends’ Tupperware Party, then presented me with a container full of it! I managed to get through it all (tough challenge that was), but I also looked at it beforehand, guiltily thinking about my new pro points allowance of 29 and just hoped that the taste was worth the possible gain….. But NO GAIN! YEAH!!!

Will update again soon 🙂


Stormy days

Well a HUGE storm just passed over us, the poor dogs are sitting all over me…. The palm trees were bending in the wind and I had to roll up my blinds as they were blowing so hard. My nice pot on the verandah fell and smashed 😦 I’ve been crook since last Wednesday and last night I had an awful sleep as my tummy felt terrible. I now have to consider getting ready for work, which I still don’t feel up to. The thunder is still rumbling and now that tweeds copping the storm I hope my car will be ok outside tonight…. Really not looking forward to this graveyard shift…