Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sals

Thanks Marc for the lovely comparison 😛



Been sitting through this TAFE class today….. really lost but I understand what they’re talking about… So tired and still feel shit house, so off to have a few drinky’s with Nicolette….. Reason why I call her a Bogan is because she sent me a crazy photo of herself with a NASTY hairdo!!! LOL I cracked up it was bloody hilarious… Always good for a laugh Nic is 🙂 LOL Hopefully the drinks will make me feel a bit better… hahah

See ya on the flipside!

Cocktails and karaoke!!!

Wow!!! Today’s the day!!! Big party ahead for my something’th birthday….. I’ll let you figure that one out 🙂 can’t wait until tonight, got heaps of friends coming over to help me celebrate with cocktails and xbox karaoke!!! Kitchens looking more and more like a bar and the blenders are set up and ready to go!!!! Stay tuned for updates and a few snaps!