From my Weight Watchers BLOG:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just when I thought i WAS getting on top of this “get fit” thing, I plateaued…. for 3 weeks I have struggled to see any sign of grams dropping off….

The times I have found it hardest to maintain my daily points is when I’m around friends and family and eating the same as everyone else….. BBQ’s, special occasions etc… I have no control over what goes into my food, so I feel a bit lost at how to count my points. I am still trying to eat smaller portions of the meals, but when I track it in my Tracker, I seem to go over my Daily Allowance every day…. from 3 points over, to 10 points over….. I really need to curb the eating again.

Now I will have the house to myself for a few weeks, no real big party plans on the horizon, so I’m hoping to regain control of my ProPoints and rejoin the fitness club.

My goal now is to have lost 10 kgs in 10 weeks. – This may seem unreal, but its what I want. On the first day of SUMMER, I want to be 72kgs!


P.S. Going for a Bike ride this afternoon 🙂