TAFE……. the next level…. lol

Today I have decided I am moving from Diploma in IT general to Cert IV web design 😀

Decision I should have made a long time ago.

Assignments getting too much, trying to fit work and social life in makes tafe a killer…..

So onto bigger and better and more practical things 🙂 YAY.



This is a group assignment done at TAFE as a possible business plan……

Not an actual company, but if you pretend we are, then it looks to be a very realistic outcome…..


Wild Weather

OK, so I have just heard all about the earthquake and tsunami that has hit Japan. How devastating for them all. I can only hope that miracles happen for them and that not too many people are seriously injured or killed.

What is seriously going on in the world at the moment?! It’s like one natural disaster after another… almost weekly. These times are proving tough for a lot of people and it’s going to take a lot of cleaning up and rebuilding in several areas in the world.

Australia – Decemeber 2010/ January 2011 – QLD coast shocked by extreme flooding with a death toll of about 22. Big cleanup campaign and Flood Appeal started by Anna Bligh. Flooding continues to affect regions in VICTORIA. 😦

There were also some horrific FIRES ripping though W.A. during these times.

Australia – February 2nd 2011 – Cyclone Yasi rips through as everyone braces for the worst. Towns near Cairns most affected – Category 4 cyclone with winds of up to 300 kms an hour. Only one person known to have died during the cyclone. Big clean up ahead and many houses lost.

NZ – February 22nd 2011 – A huge earthquake 6.3 on the Richter, shakes Christchurch, bringing down some historical landmarks and scared the shit out of everyone in the process. Big hugs for all of my friends who have family and friends over there going through this terrible time. Hard to believe i was only there in October, sitting outside some of the shops shown on the news to have been reduced to rubble. Death toll has risen to 166, expected to reach at least 200, and the search continues…… 😦

Japan – March 11th 2011 – Earthquake of 8.9!! recorded and thus creates a larger than 10 metre tsunami that is just crashing through villages and taking everything with it. I can’t help but just watch in horror and imagine how terrified these people must be feeling right now. Current death toll 44 people. Earthquake happened 7 hours ago – Tsunami hit 6 minutes after. How terrifying.

How would you all react in situations like this. Can you wear the “STAY CALM” hat or would you lose control and panic? I think i would try and stay calm, but my emotions would take over, definitely. I can’t help but feel pain for all those suffering from loss and devastation.


Old Posts

You will see I have now imported my old blog onto the end of this one…. Now you don’t reeeeally need to click on the link to Tigress’s Den….. the blogs are now here!!

Finished 2nd Tafe assignment and I’m pretty happy with it…. just hope it covers everything it’s supposed to 🙂

Got to work this afternoon…. not looking forward to it, but i won’t count my chickens before they hatch.

Singing Vegetables

A friend of mine, Nathan introduced me to singing veggies in college… Imagine my surprise when I walked past jb hifi the other day and saw the DVD’s!! I just had to post this… Reminds me of Nathan (come back to oz land, we miss you!!!!) and some bloody funny times at uni… Hard to believe it was 12 years ago!!

Is this one long?

What she said……


Alluring Alliteration

I remember learning about alliteration at school and I found it a fun concept 🙂 I find alliteration appealing to read and recite and I know those tongue twisters may usually find your mouth in a bit of a state. Last year, while I was studying Multimedia at TAFE, we were asked to do a book of some description….. So I decided to do a book of my favourite recipes beginning with the letter “S”. Samtastic Servings was made… Simply sumptious and superb selections from around the world. It featured such items as Samosas and Sangria, not to forget the all-Australian Schooner (of beer).

So as a tribute to alliteration, I have change my blogs name to Something Samtasia Said….. Actually a reference to a running joke with some mates at Tafe… (the “what she said” series).

Troubled Tafe teachers tear their tousled tresses and tire trying to train tricky and testing terrors!!

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