I’m living in the 70’s :)

From my Weight Watchers BLOG:

I’m living in the 70’s 🙂

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

So, over the last 3 weeks I have maintained my weight under 80kgs 🙂 I’m now 78 kgs and feeling it 😀 My clothes aren’t as snug!! I need a belt for my jeans! I feel fitter (apart from the occasional insomnia) and I am keeping within my pro-points allowance. Even after being sick for 2 weeks, I know I lost my appetite a little, so when I got better I definitely got the appetite back! I was worried I was going to tip the scales back up to 80kgs again and WOW! I didn’t!!

This is the first time my weight has been under 80kgs for about 5 years, so I’m feeling very confident that I can do this. A little bit of personal motivation goes a long way 😀 Seeing the result on my fancy new “Weigh Watchers Scales”, has motivated me even more! Going to walk the dog the long way rouund this afternoon and reward myself this week by trying on some new clothes. Might even have a chance at fitting a Size 14 again 🙂 (In the bum, always size 14 in the top).

So excited also, that even indulging on my nana’s ever-so-popular passionfruit slice, didn’t tip the scales. I. LOVE. PASSIONFRUIT SLICE. I only get the opportunity to have it once in a blue moon and I couldn’t say no to my lovely nana, who so kindly made it for a friends’ Tupperware Party, then presented me with a container full of it! I managed to get through it all (tough challenge that was), but I also looked at it beforehand, guiltily thinking about my new pro points allowance of 29 and just hoped that the taste was worth the possible gain….. But NO GAIN! YEAH!!!

Will update again soon 🙂


Telstra…. if you’re out there?

I would like ADSL 2 for christmas, thankyou 🙂


A few days ago I was jipped by telstra again…… 3 1/2 hours on phone, and actually going backwards with my internet connection = very unhappy me. I would love to actually call a call centre that’s in AUSTRALIA for a change…. being an Australian company, you think their ethics would be to keep workers in Australia employed.

I got to speak to 4 different Indians that night. 3 guys and a girl. Believe me it’s not easy when you already have a hearing impairment and a hearing aid that is threatening to WHISTLE for the entire duration of your call. So anyway, after a long winded explanation of what my problem was, the guy on the other end of the phone realised my modem was under warranty and offered me a replacement. I jumped at this offer because I was sure my modem was having dramas, worked sporadically and had drop outs when I could browse the 3g network on my phone no problem. So anyway…. he finalises the details, and tells me 5-7 working days the new modem will arrive. YAY!! So anyway, 7:00pm rolls around and I double check Firefox to see if by some chance the net is working again….. Well hooray it is…. for the moment. I manage to do a quick check of my emails and I log onto WoW and find my PING is 21000….. i.e. not very gamer friendly. I get DC’d from Battle Net and I glance up at my modem which now has 4 lights… instead of 5…… hmmm what happened there? Ok so the internet lights gone out…. um ok so I’ll try to log onto the modems webpage and re enter my user name and password….. and reconnect…… nope, try again……. enterrrrr….. reconnect…… FFS!!!!!!!! wtf is going on now?! I redial BIGPOND (who by the way has an entry in my home phones contact list…. shows how often i have to call them to gripe). Oh so I am connected to another indian…. yes thank you maam’….. what can i do for you? I respond…”Pardon?”   I didn’t catch one word of what he’d just said…. so after several echoed questions and answers.. .we establish that they’ve inactivated my account as the order for the new modem has been processed!! WTH! Why would you bother inactivating it when it still works sporadically (and was just before the order was processed) and I haven’t even received my new modem yet?!! And the first Indian neglected to tell me this anyway……So at this point i start getting shitty… I know i have quite a few assignments coming up and that i’d need the internet for research (even if it is after 8pm or whatever).  I’m like, “Press the reactivate account button please…..”.. Indian dude responds…. “Oh I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to do that.” I’m like, “WHHHHHHHHHHY? You just inactivated it, so reactivate it!” Indian: “Oh sorry ma’am but that is not part of the process..” FFS now I’m really shitted off. I am starting to feel the anger rising…. He tells me that he’s put my name on high priority so my modem should only take 1-2 days now….. So anyway I ask to be put through to activation. I get another indian who again tells me it won’t work unless i have my new modem… so, I tap my fingers on the coffee table in a frustrated manner…. thinking thinking………. OH!! maybe I could tether my iphone to my laptop so I can use the internet…. but I would have to increase my data usage at their expense for the absolutely ridiculous run around. So I get put through to the mobile data usage section and this time i’m talking to an Indian female…… so I explain my WHOLE dramatic situation to her and she tries to pull up my account details. “Ma’am (WTF is with this word – as if being polite to me now even matters), I’m afraid to say I cannot find your account details.” So I go through all the spelling of my name…. spell it out P-H-O-N-E-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y using the NATO Alphabet. “Sorry Ma’am, still nothing. We are unable to access you’re account details.” So at this point, I’m a non-existent user in their system… (which I know I’m not because I’m still getting bills)…. and I am really starting to FUME. I can practically feel the steam coming out of my ears!!! I ask her what sort of ridiculous service is this and are we not a first world country and how I’m so bloody surprised that I can get a FULL SIGNAL on my phone in the middle of the Andaman sea, but oh no, not in my own house in AUSTRALIA!! I slam the phone down and crack a beer cos right now I am hell pissed off and I need to calm down. What a waste of a night.

2 days later…. I managed to get one assignment done (which didn’t require internet). And now I have finally (yes it feels like I have been without my technology fix for 2 whole days), picked up my new modem. They sent me the Bigpond Elite Gateway….. which is hell expensive and I hope I get my non-monies worth. I tried it just a little while ago at TAFE and it appear I have to waste my money ringing their foreign ass’s again just to reactivate the bloody account. So that’ll probably be another hours worth of getting nowhere. Wish me luck!!

Fancy Schmancy Beads…..

Ok, so I have been busy at the hot head torch lately….. been fooling around trying to come up with some decent beads to make into some jewellery.

After much deliberation, and getting cranky with spending far too much time trying to melt the hot glass, I have decided to invest in a Oxy/Propane torch. I’ve spoke with my lampwork teacher and she’s suggested that I upgrade to a Cricket torch. Well I’m happy to invest in this but the oxygen concentrators, seem to be a bit pricey…. more than likely i will get an O2 tank instead….. rent one and just get refills etc…

So I am excited that I will probably be able to get some of my fancy colours to finally pop, instead of making a bead that looks like mud.

So, looking forward to getting my new torch and firing away with a much higher heat and getting beads done much quicker 😀

Also, got Corina Tettingers book, Passing The Flame, and Spotlight on Silver and Spotlight on Colour Reactions, so I am interested in seeing if the new torch can produce much finer results!!


This is a group assignment done at TAFE as a possible business plan……

Not an actual company, but if you pretend we are, then it looks to be a very realistic outcome…..


Is this one long?

What she said……


Alluring Alliteration

I remember learning about alliteration at school and I found it a fun concept 🙂 I find alliteration appealing to read and recite and I know those tongue twisters may usually find your mouth in a bit of a state. Last year, while I was studying Multimedia at TAFE, we were asked to do a book of some description….. So I decided to do a book of my favourite recipes beginning with the letter “S”. Samtastic Servings was made… Simply sumptious and superb selections from around the world. It featured such items as Samosas and Sangria, not to forget the all-Australian Schooner (of beer).

So as a tribute to alliteration, I have change my blogs name to Something Samtasia Said….. Actually a reference to a running joke with some mates at Tafe… (the “what she said” series).

Troubled Tafe teachers tear their tousled tresses and tire trying to train tricky and testing terrors!!

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