So, it’s official!! My SKORMANI BEADS website is up and running….. at it’s own DOMAIN –  🙂

Also have just recieved a supply of business cards and the offer from a friend to help me set up the shop 🙂


Can’t wait to get this ball rolling, hoping to appear at some local markets soon!

Wish me luck!



Old Posts

You will see I have now imported my old blog onto the end of this one…. Now you don’t reeeeally need to click on the link to Tigress’s Den….. the blogs are now here!!

Finished 2nd Tafe assignment and I’m pretty happy with it…. just hope it covers everything it’s supposed to 🙂

Got to work this afternoon…. not looking forward to it, but i won’t count my chickens before they hatch.

Birthday Vid from Nic :)

Got to Nic’s place this arvie and she pulls out this awesome vid that she created just for me for my bithday 😀

It was so awesome, made me laugh as I remembered the good times from TAFE last year 🙂

Here’s the vid, hope you like!!! I sure did!!