Fancy Schmancy Beads…..

Ok, so I have been busy at the hot head torch lately….. been fooling around trying to come up with some decent beads to make into some jewellery.

After much deliberation, and getting cranky with spending far too much time trying to melt the hot glass, I have decided to invest in a Oxy/Propane torch. I’ve spoke with my lampwork teacher and she’s suggested that I upgrade to a Cricket torch. Well I’m happy to invest in this but the oxygen concentrators, seem to be a bit pricey…. more than likely i will get an O2 tank instead….. rent one and just get refills etc…

So I am excited that I will probably be able to get some of my fancy colours to finally pop, instead of making a bead that looks like mud.

So, looking forward to getting my new torch and firing away with a much higher heat and getting beads done much quicker 😀

Also, got Corina Tettingers book, Passing The Flame, and Spotlight on Silver and Spotlight on Colour Reactions, so I am interested in seeing if the new torch can produce much finer results!!


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